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Torrent River

Torrent River from Murphys Waves

With dynamic wave heights up to 2.2M high and every 60 seconds the hugely popular Torrent River is the ultimate river wave system.

The high-performance waves are created when the large storage tanks deliver a torrent of water down a specially designed slope and into the river, propelling the guest

forward with screams of excitement.

This ‘must have’ action river system is designed to incorporate a beach area with designated Entry & Exit zones to facilitate high capacity guest attendance.

The Torrent River system can also be used in conjunction with our Typhoon & Barrel Roll River attractions.

Torrent River Junior

For smaller and lower capacity river projects our new Torrent River Junior offers the same thrilling dynamic wave action as the larger system but within a smaller footprint with reduced construction requirements.

The system can be located at multiple locations throughout the river and can also act as the main river propulsion system.

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