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3D Modelling & VR Design

Design Solutions by Murphys Waves

Visit your water park before it is even built.

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technical-services-r-d-model-testing_0004_StingRay skimboarder POV
technical-services-r-d-model-testing_0003_VR 2

Murphys Waves Ltd are always at the forefront of the waterpark industry and we are now pushing the boundaries yet again.
Our Virtual Reality design packages will allow visualization of your water park before it is even built. This is a revolutionary way to experience your waterpark plans like never before!
Virtual Reality help us plan and visualise the entire project prior to any construction taking place. 3D models and virtual reality spaces allow our clients to experience what their project will look like when completed, offering them the capability to make changes before any construction started. Having the ability to review the design in this way minimises the prospect of costly and time-consuming remedial works.
Our Virtual Reality packages can be combined with our master planning service and can contain all our products and attractions!!

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