About Murphys Waves

As the recognised experts in our chosen field, Murphy’s Waves Ltd are at the forefront of wave machine and surf system technology. We have a highly experienced team dedicated to all aspects water park design including water filtration systems & wave pool design.

The recognised experts in our field

With the Head Office in Glasgow (Scotland) Murphy’s Waves are ideally located to meet the needs and aspirations of the international water & leisure industry. All property is owned and occupied by the group.

As original designers and manufacturing our company can deliver bespoke systems made to match the client’s exact requirements whilst also providing comprehensive technical, manufacturing and installation support to prestigious water park developments around the globe.

We have a proven track record in the international water park industry and in addition to our specialist knowledge in wave machines we can also advise on Filtration & Mechanical Engineering (FME) for standard chlorine, UV, or ozone water treatment and we are associated with the best manufactures in the world for specialist equipment supplies.

IAAPA Associate

TEA Associate

UL Certified

CSA Certified

WWA Member

CSEI Certified

TUV Certified

Experience UK member

As you would expect from a company of our standing, we have an extensive in-house technical back-up facility combining all aspects of engineering, product and materials knowledge. Our Design Offices have a complete network computer facility comprising of multiple AutoCAD workstations enabling us to electronically send high quality drawings around the world. We have company quality measures to ensure that all products comply with the design standard for each project.

Our wave products have been independently tested at MET Laboratories in the USA and we are the only wave machine company in the world to have been awarded UL APPROVED CERTIFICATION and CSA CERTIFICATION.

Wave Senior Personnel

For over 25 years, Murphys Waves have been supplying wave machine and surf system technology across the globe to the international leisure and water park industries.

Jim Stuart

WAVES Managing Director

25 years experience

Neil Walsh

WAVES Project Director

(MEng Design Engineering)
12 years experience

Neil McClure

Pools & Waves Engineering

(HND Mech. Eng)
25 Years experience

Steven Bain

Pool Designs

(HND Mech. Eng)
25 years’ experience

Dylan Taylor

Project Engineer