Design Solutions
From Murphys Waves

The best wave machines for the international water & leisure industry.

Bespoke Solutions to unique challenges

Filtration and Engineering

Our highly experienced Filtration Design Department can offer leading edge technologies developed in-house for the water park and swimming pool industry.

VR Design

Visit you water park before it is even built. Murphys Waves Ltd are always at the forefront of the waterpark industry and we are now pushing the boundaries yet again. Our Virtual Reality design packages will allow visualization of your water park before it is even built. This is a revolutionary way to experience your waterpark plans like never before, illustrating not only what the park will look like but being able to travel through your park giving the viewer a sense of scale.

Masterplanning & Design

Providing unique and cutting-edge water park designs our Design packages range from sketch level concept design to full architectural packages, designing environments that are visually beautiful, functional, accurately budgeted, aimed at the intended audience and market while helping you plan the perfect assortment of attractions. Our talented team can also create a full Virtual Reality package, allowing your team to visit the water park before it is even built!!