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Survival Wave Pools

Survival Wave Pools from Murphys Waves

Murphy’s Waves are renowned world leaders in the specialist field of wave generation for the survival training pool industry and have been serving this growing market for 25 years.

We have provided our “Tempest” survival wave generators to projects throughout the UK, Ireland, Asia, South America, China & The Emirates to a variety of clients & industries.

In addition to the wave generating equipment we also offer wave absorbing systems to allow very accurate and reproducible wave formations to be generated with wave heights from 500mm to 1800mm, and up to 8 wave patterns depending upon the pool size.

Our state of the art “Tempest Wave System” is a specifically designed survival wave pool that recreates conditions at sea and is used as a survival training aid to offshore workers, air & sea rescue teams and the armed forces.

Murphy’s Waves Survival Training Pools are designed to produce sustainable waves throughout a deep pool and is suitable for use with H.U.E.T survival training and inflatable lifeboats and assault craft.

(See our industry partner: SEFtec.)

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