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BoardRider Family

BoardRider Family from Murphys Waves

The “BoardRider” combines skill, excitement and fun like no other standing wave attraction. Suitable for all age groups and skill levels the “BoardRider” standing wave has been designed to provide optimum surf performance.

The BoardRider is ideal as a multi-person body board ride or as a full-on individual surfing experience suitable for both learners and surf-pros.

The “BoardRider” can be designed, manufactured and installed as a new stand-alone feature or alternatively the system can be integrated with a lazy river, wave or surf pool attraction.

In each case our innovative structural surf machine design can include a spectator gallery, retail shop or surfboard hire unit.

The visible appeal of the “BoardRider” guarantees your surf park will have large queues of eager users and spectators, opening the door to a world of retail opportunity, advertising, media events and increased profits.

The BoardRider Family

  1. BoardRider standard 5m
  2. BoardRider double 10m

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