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Out with the old and in with the new

The latest news from Murphys Waves:

Murphys Waves not only create the latest innovations for the water park industry…we also specialise in the service, refurb and refit of existing wave machines!!

Our engineers have just completed the refit of a wave machine at Waterworld Stoke-on-Trent, replacing their old system with one of our modern Breaker Wave Machines…bespoke made to suit the site constraints.

Replacing the old system with our modern “BREAKER” Wave Machine, Murphys Waves designed a bespoke refit wave machine to suit the existing site constraints. The new machine, which replaces a third-party machine, is now able to generate waves up to 1.4m high!

Murphys Waves Managing Director Jim Stuart said: “The challenging aspect of replacing an old wave machine for a new modern system is getting it to fit within the confines of the existing building and pipework that has been added to the equipment room over the years.

“Our design engineers were able to take a 3D image of the equipment room which then allowed us to plot out the position of the new machine to ensure a perfect installation without the need of any expensive structural modifications.”

Waterworld is the UK’s number 1 indoor Tropical Aqua Park and the new wave pool is part of a major investment taking place at Waterworld! Murphys Waves are proud to be a part of this exciting new era!

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The hotly anticipated Suntago Water Park by Park of Poland is due to open soon. Murphys Waves are delighted to be a part of this exciting project supplying our award-winning “BREAKER” wave machine and “SURF-AIR”. Murphys Waves engineers are currently in Poland to install and commission both attractions, and we can’t wait for the grand opening!!

Our record-breaking Breaker Wave Generators can create the world’s largest pneumatic waves!! The results are truly spectacular and amongst the largest, we have ever seen!!

In addition to the fantastic wave machine at Suntago, guests will soon be able to surf like the pros on the world’s only TUV approved Surfing Simulator! Featuring our unique “Soft Fall” air-cushioned ride surface and “Vari-Flow” pumps the Surf-Air is perfect for all age groups and skill sets!!


In preparation for the new season, Murphys Waves engineers have been travelling up and down the country carrying out wave machines appraisals, services and repairs.

Our highly experienced team of engineers can diagnose, service and carry out maintenance on any wave system from any supplier. We are also able to offer a cost-effective upgrade or refit service to anywhere in the world!

If you have a troublesome wave machine regardless of the original manufacturer, Murphys Waves can help you!

Let us help you to bring your old attractions back to life!!

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