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The latest news from Murphys Waves:

We are delighted to announce that Murphys Waves have been awarded the Contract for the new OCT Xian project!! OCT Group are China’s largest amusement operator and Murphys Waves are proud to be part of a successful relationship with OCT that stretches back 25 years

Murphys Waves installed the first-ever wave machine in China at OCT Shenzhen Playa Maya back in 1995 and have supported the group on almost every waterpark since the project, most recently in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanjing.

The team at Murphys Waves will be responsible for the design & delivery of the 9,000m2 BOOGIE Wave Pool, the world’s largest pneumatic wave pool and the all-action river which includes our TORRENT Wave Generator.

As of October 2020, The manufacturing of all three attractions is now complete and the Wave Machines have been packed up and shipped. Murphys Waves have engineers on standby ready to assist with the installation and commissioning of these award-winning Wave Generators!

**UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021** The team at Murphys Waves are happy to announce that our latest installation in China, OCT Xian, is now complete! Completely installed remotely, the new Boogie Wave Pool and Torrent River are now up and running and being enjoyed by guests. The new Boogie pool can deliver 8 different wave patterns while generating waves up to 1.6m high… Our range of Boogie wave generators produce the very best in pneumatic wave performance via the computer-controlled system – Producing the complete range of multi-pattern recreational waves.

With dynamic wave heights up to 2.2M high every 60 seconds the hugely popular Torrent River is the ultimate river wave system. The newly installed attraction at OCT Xian creates high performance waves via large storage tanks which deliver a “Torrent” of water down our specially designed slope and into the river, propelling the guests forward with screams of excitement. This ‘must have’ action river system is designed to incorporate a beach area with designated Entry & Exit zones, facilitating high capacity guest attendance and turning a boring Lazy River in to a white knuckle action river for the whole family!!

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