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The latest news from Murphys Waves:

Murphys Waves are delighted to partner with MacDonald Hotel and Resorts to service and upgrade the existing wave generation system at their Aviemore Resort in Scotland, UK.

Following an inspection by our engineers, Murphys Waves have designed a bespoke refit wave machine to suit the existing site constraints, restoring the equipment to full working order and providing the client with a modern, efficient system fit for the 21st century.

The manufacturing of the “BREAKER” Wave Machine has already begun and is due to be completed in a few short weeks, with the newly upgraded wave pool expected to fully be operational by the end of May 2020.

**UPDATE** MAY 2021 From Manufacturing to Fully installed in a record time of 4 weeks – Th MacDonald Hotel and Resort in Aviemore now has their Wave Pool back up and running once again. Their new efficient “BREAKER” Wave Machine can provide energy savings of up to 50% whilst improving on the wave pool’s previous Wave Performance.

With the pool capable of generating waves up to 1.2m high and with FIVE different wave pattern selections, the new pool really does cater to all ages! Our specially designed, Award Winning “BREAKER” Wave Generators produce recreational rolling waves in the deep-water areas, and breakers on the beach waves that guaranteed to bring fun for all!

Why not contact us today – we can provide upgrades for ANY wave system, giving owners the benefit of our modern, efficient systems!

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