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The latest news from Murphys Waves:

Murphys Waves are proud to add yet another country to our vast portfolio of projects… For the very first time, guests at the Luna Waterpark in Israel will be able to experience the World’s Best Waves Machines for the very first time!

Luna Waterpark in Eilat, Israel will be the first premium waterpark in the country to have Murphys Waves design, Manufacture and install one of our award-winning “BREAKERWave Pools. The team at Murphys Waves are honoured to be trusted with the responsibility of delivering what will become the benchmark for all future developments in the country!

The BREAKERWave Pool that is to be installed at the Luna Waterpark, will be capable of producing a range of exhilarating waves up to 1.2m high which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Stay tuned for more updates… and mazel tov to our friends from Luna Waterpark!!

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