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The latest news from Murphys Waves:

Yet another Contract signed at the start of 2020!  Murphys Waves are delighted to announce the award of an exciting multi-attraction Contract! This time to supply our award-winning wave attractions to the Bahamas prestigious Baha Mar Resort. The Baha Mar resort is located on the northern shore of Nassau, The Bahamas. It is a $4.2 billion resort development were visitors can expect a grand experience of sophisticated luxury and leisure. Set alongside the uninterrupted white-sand beach and crystal-clear waters the resort captures the true spirit of The Bahamas.

The Baha Mar Resort is adding a brand new waterpark within the resort, Baha Bay, the project includes our famous “BOOGIE” Wave Pool which can deliver 8 different wave patterns and generating waves up to 1.6m high! Murphys Waves will also be responsible for the design of an exciting action river for the resort to complement our new wave pool installation, featuring our Torrent Junior and Typhoon River wave generators as well as several other features. The guests at the Baha Bay resort can expect a unique experience around every twist and turn of the 1390 ft / 420m long river, with dynamic wave heights up to 2.2M high!! The hugely popular Typhoon and Torrent River are the ultimate river wave systTheem!

The Baha Bay project has restarted following a short delay due to the COVID situation with the manufacturing already being resumed! Delivery of the wave generation equipment is expected towards the end of the summer.

** UPDATE AUGUST 2020** With the manufacturing of the wave generation equipment complete, the equipment for the multi-attraction contract in the Bahamas has now been shipped, and Murphys Waves engineers are ready to install the new attractions in the next few months!

**UPDATE AUGUST 2021** The whole Murphys Waves team are pleased to announce that installation and commissioning of our Boogie Wave Pool, Typhoon and Torrent River at Baha Bay now complete! The luxury waterpark which features over 30 attractions and was “Inspired by the natural beauty of The Bahamasis now open for the Baha Mar resort guests and day guests. At Baha Bay‘s heart is the Murphys Waves Boogie Wave Pool and Action River which you can check out in our video!…

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