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What’s new?

Another project is packed up and ready to go… This week, our dispatch team finished packing a 36M Breaker Wave Generator and 5M Typhoon River for Kuching Waterpark, ready for sailing next week.

wuxi 14

2 new fan blowers are also on route to Cyprus. These will be installed by our Engineer before Fasouri Watermania opens at the end of April for another session.

Fasouri Watermania

Update on existing projects

Earlier this week, Fraser returned to the new Tychy Waterpark development to oversee the next stage of the installation of the 8M Stingray before our specialist spray team arrive in April.

surf machine wave machine

Last Weekend, Snowy returned to Universal and is assisting the team with Systems testing… The new Volcano bay resort in Universal is due to open this summer!

Torrent Wave

Manufacturing work of the Surf Air Permanent for Baltic Park in Poland is almost complete. The unique Soft-Fall inflatable ride surfaces and adjustable water flow ensures safety for all users regardless of age or ability.

First trade show of the Year

Managing Director Jim and Project Director Neil attended the first trade show of the year… The CAE Expo in Beijing.

The 3 day show was a great success. Not only did Jim and Neil meet existing clients, they had the opportunity to meet a number of potential new clients… all with very interesting project ideas.


This weekend, Jim is travelling to Dubai for the DEAL 2017 show… DEAL is one of the largest trade show for theme park and amusement industries. For more than 20 years, it has brought together great minds and word class innovations. In 2016 over 300 exhibitors from more than 30 countries attended the 3 day event!

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