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What’s New?

This week, our design team have been at a number of development meetings for our newest attraction… The Boardrider Barrel surf     ride.

The Boardrider Barrel is the world’s first ever deep flow standing surf rider with a naturally occurring barrel and unlike other standing     surf rides, there are no bolt on fibreglass reefs and no helmets are required!


Earlier this week, Waves Managing Director Jim, spent two days in Poland discussing our famous Wave and Surf Machines with a potential new client! The feedback from these meetings was extremely positive.

Barrel Roll Render wave machine wave pool

Coming up

Manufacturing is due to begin for the Lotte World project in Korea soon. This is for a 4 chamber breaker Wave Machine

Breaker Waves Machine

We will be finalising our delivery schedule for an exciting Surf Air project with an existing client in America, ready for launching in October!!

Surf Air inflatable wave pool

Our award winning Surf Air is the world’s first inflatable and mobile surf machine!


Representatives from Helipebs Controls and D Bensons are getting ready to travel to Universal to assist with FAT testing and electrical works.

We have worked with  these companies for more than 20 years… Helipebs are market leaders in the application of hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinder technology and D Bensons are manufacturers of quality control panels.

Typhoon Wave

Other News

Murphy’s Waves are also renowned world leaders in the specialist field of wave generation for the survival training pool industry and we have been serving this growing market for 25 years.

Our “Tempest Wave System” has been cleverly designed to recreate conditions at sea. It is used as a survival training aid for off shore workers, the armed forces and Air & Sea rescue teams.

Over the past few months, our design and senior management team have been working with a military department to develop a bespoke survival training pool and special effects package.


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