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Why not book your Wave Machine Service today?

At Murphy’s Waves, it’s not all about shiny new wave machines…Our new Service department is now open!

Our dedicated Service Department have expert service engineers on hand all year round to undertake annual maintenance, service checks and recommission your wave machine to its original time settings and maximum wave performance.

What better way to give your wave machine the TLC it deserves after a busy season and make sure it is ready for next season?


Why “Waves” for a Service?

Not only will the Wave Machine or Surf Ride be serviced by an industry expert… Our Service Engineers are experienced in working with all kinds of wave machines and surfing attractions!

Wave machine Services & Upgrades

What’s included in a Wave’s Service?

During the comprehensive two day service visit our engineer will …

  • Measure of existing wave performance, wave heights and multi pattern waves
  • Conduct a general inspection of the wave grilles
  • Conduct a general inspection of the pool side remote control panel
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the Main Control Panel including voltage, testing of Breakers, PLC & Relays
  • Conduct a general Inspection & testing of the Air Compressor, filters, oil, starter switch, airline and filter regulator
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the Wave Fan including motor voltage test, check shaft coupling, impeller and bearing rotation, and vibration mounts
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the air delivery duct and gaskets
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the wave valve including grease of bearings
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the pneumatic cylinders, reset rod arms and cushioning
  • Conduct a general Inspection of the drip leg drains and flush as required
  • Re-commission the wave heights and multi wave patterns to original time settings and maximum performance
  • Provide a written report detailing the condition of the wave machine, including a list of recommended spare / replacement parts required.


Is it time to upgrade your Wave Machine?

Our years of experience in the industry, as well as being an original manufacturer, means we can design and manufacture bespoke wave machines or surfing attractions to suit any existing structures


All of our waves machines are manufactured using only the finest materials and internationally available component parts making future servicing quick and easy.

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