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Waves 360 Series… Take a different view


Our talented in house design team have developed the revolutionary Waves 360 Series…Take a different View.  The unique circular design of this wave pool makes it suitable for our Wave Play, Breaker Wave Machine and Boogie Surf System attractions.

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New WAVES 360 Wave pool

“Around the World in 80 Trades: Murphy’s Waves Ltd”


Waves Managing Director, Jim Stuart recently been speaking to Business Quarter Magazine about our Global Success. Since 1994, we have successfully completed over 600 projects around the world. Amazingly, only a small proportion of those projects are here in the UK! Over the next 12 months we will have completed projects in Orlando, Calgary, Warsaw, Freiburg, Barcelona, Kuching and Barranca to name a few.

Boasting the likes of Walt Disney, Universal Studios and MGM Resorts as clients, Murphy’s Waves Ltd. is a Scottish company with a truly global footprint

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IAAPA Orlando 2016


Jim and Neil are making some final preparations before heading off to Orlando for the IAAPA Attractions Expo on Sunday.  The IAAPA Attractions Expo is the largest International trade show for the amusements and attractions industry… Over 30,000 participants are expected to take part this year!

When they are not exhibiting at the show, Jim and Neil have a number of meetings to attend. Some with existing Waves clients and some with new clients and one to sign a new contract with a client for our famous ‘Breaker’ Wave Machine!