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Exciting new projects

We are delighted to announce 2 new and exciting Wave and Surf Machine projects in Poland and Germany… Park of Poland and Center Parcs Allgäu,

The Park of Poland project will be the first large scale amusement park in Poland and Eastern Europe, the main objective being to provide entertainment to millions of people from across Poland and Europe…. We can’t wait to start the manufacturing work on the 18M Breaker and 10M Double Surf Rider!


You can find out more about the Park of Poland project here:,park-of-poland1

The new Center Parcs resort Allgäu will transform a disused ammunition site into a luxury holiday village at the foot of the Alps in Leutkrich….the perfect location for our famous Breaker wave pool!


You can find out more about the Center Parcs Allgäu development here:

Existing Project Updates

Packing of the 4 Chamber Breaker for the Lotte World development in Korea is almost complete, ready for sailing to Korea at the end of next week.

Wave Machine packing

In Tychy, Fraser is fitting the final sheets of foam on the 8M Stingray ahead of the spray team’s arrival this weekend.


Snowy is continuing to assist with SAT onsite in Universal before Electrical and Hydraulic experts later this month.

Torrent Wave

Earlier this month, we shipped 2 replacement fan blowers to Cyprus for installation at the Heavens Garden Waterpark. These arrived in Cyprus this week ahead on Neil’s visit to site to recommission the Wave Machine.

Fasouri Watermania

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