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New Surf Air’s announced for China, Belfast and Poland…

We are excited to announce new Surf Air installations coming soon in Hangzhou- China, Wręcza- Poland and Belfast- Northern Ireland.

Surf-Air surfboard logoThe introduction of our Surf Air has brought new levels of performance and safety to the standing wave market… The unique, patented ‘Soft Fall’ air cushion ride surface and adjustable water flow with 4 different power settings ensures safety for all users regardless of their age or ability!

The design and installation procedure of the Surf Air Permanent also reduces construction requirements and assembly time. Housed inside a permanent concrete structure, the ride only requires a small constructed equipment room to house the pumps… the inflatable ride surface is fixed to the plant room and is quickly inflated to provide not only the ride but also the water reservoir below making this a “plug & play” attraction.

Surf Air by Murphys Waves