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January Recap

Whilst some people complained January seemed to go on forever, it was over in a flash for Waves!

Our SMT team attended a number of meetings- some as far away as Poland to discuss new surf machine projects , conducted site visits to completed wave machine installations and participated in project planning and development meetings for a number of projects – including 2 local Scottish projects.

Waves P&C

Our engineers have been busy too… Snowy is back onsite at Universal for SAT of the wave machines along with teams from Benson Controls and Helipebs.

Neil travelled to Aberdeen for a service, repair and recommissioning job in the local leisure centre and Fraser successfully completed a number of training modules to become a member of the SNIJIB and is now a registered with the UK PHMES as a Commissioning, Servicing and Installation of Water Systems specialist.


Coming up in February

Members of our design, filtration and project management teams will continue to work closely on a bespoke survival training pool and special effects package for a military department. Once the final designs have been approved, manufacturing work will begin.


Later this month, Fraser will travel to Poland to oversee the installation of our World Famous Stingray Surf attraction.

surf machine wave machine

Manufacturing work on a 6 chamber wave machine for an exciting Canadian project finished earlier this year, this has now been packed and is ready for shipping. We are finalising the delivery schedule with our client in preparation for the goods sailing before the end of the month.

Splash Lagoon wave machine wave pool

Other news

Later this year, manufacturing work will start for a breaker wave machine and typhoon river for a development in Qatar. Before the works commence, members of the project team will travel to our Scottish office and before heading off for a site visit at a similar, completed project.