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Engineers update…

Waves Engineer Snowy is still onsite in Orlando, completing the installation of the Torrent River wave machine.

Typhoon river wave pool

With dynamic wave heights up to 2.2M high and every 60 seconds… the hugely popular Torrent River is the ultimate river wave system

Manufacturing update…

Earlier this month, 18 40ft shipping containers were loading at ports in the UK and Europe for 3 new projects in china. These wave machines (and surf machines) will arrive in China at the end of this year. They will then be transported to the water park site, ready for the arrival of our engineers in the New Year.

Breaker Waves Machine

Work has also now finished on our famous Stingray Standing surf attraction for our client in Poland. Over the next few days, our team have now started to pack the surf machine ready for shipping later this month.

Surf Rider Wave Machine

Other news…

In August this year, Murphy’s Waves were awarded EU approved exporter status. As a result of this, we are the ONLY European Union approved exporter of Wave Machine Generators and Surf Systems!

Already, a number of our Clients have benefited from this. Not only are the risk of custom clearance delays significantly lower… there are also tariff benefits including entry of goods at a reduced or zero rate!

Approved EU exporter

Fingers crossed Murphy’s Waves will be crowned ” SME Exporter of the Year 2016″