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The team at Murphy’s Waves LTD are proud to announce we have been awarded Approved EU Exporter Status

Approved EU exporter

What does this mean?

HMRC have granted our company approval to declare the origin of goods wholly originating from the UK to the following countries and territories…

The EFTA countries ( Norway,Iceland &, Switzerland-incl. Liechtenstein), Ceuta/ Melilla, Israel, Faroe Islands, Macedonia, Andorra, South Africa, Mexico, Jordon, Chile, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, The West Bank/Gaza Strip, Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegovia, Cariforum States, Serbia, South Korea, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

 Murphy’s Waves LTD are the ONLY approved exporter of Wave Machine Generators and Surf Systems!

What are the benefits of this?

Approved EU exporter status means greater security for our export operations in terms of the rules of origin and more streamlined formalities for proving proving preferential origin.

This also benefits our clients… The risk of customs clearance delays are reduced and there are also tariff benefits, including entry of goods at a reduced or zero rate!