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June Recap

June has been a busy month for our manufacturing and dispatch team’s… Not to mention our Engineers.

The 6 Chamber Breaker for Villages Nature in Paris arrived on site earlier this week and the team on site are making preparations ahead our Installation team’s arrival next month.

villages nature logo bon

Installation work got underway on projects in China and Poland.  Fraser is currently travelling between Qingdao and Chongqing to oversee the installation of the Boogie Dual Pool and Typhoon River at the OCT Chongqing Development plus the Breaker Wave Pool, Typhoon River and Stingray at Wanda Qingdao’s latest development.

WandaLogo             OCT

Snowy travelled to Poland as installation of the first ever Surf Air Permanent got underway! The installation works are progressing well and we are all very excited for commissioning!

Surf-Air surfboard logo
Manufacturing of the 8M Stingray, Typhoon River and Breaker Wave Pool for the Salwa Dahab project in Qatar is now complete and packing is underway.


Manufacturing of the Tempest Survival training pool and special effects for a military project in Colombia also reached completion this month.

The team in our Head Office welcomed representatives from Aquapark Hawaii in Kazakhstan earlier this month for an equipment review and installation planning meeting.

Aquapark Hawaii Kazakhstan

Coming up in July

The 25M Breaker of Aquapark Hawaii is scheduled for dispatch on Tuesday, The equipment will travel to Kazakhstan by road and will arrive at the park at the end of the month.

We have a number of Service visit scheduled this month… Neil will carry out 3 Service and recommissioning visits this weekend.


Our highly experienced servicing & maintenance team specialise in servicing, refurbishing and replacing existing wave machines… regardless of the manufacturer.

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29th June 2017