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What’s new?

This week, Manufacturing work started on a Surf Air for a new Waves client in Poland!… Watch this space to find out more!

Manufacturing work also began on a 4 Chamber Breaker Wave Pool for the Lotte World Resort in Korea and an 18M Breaker wave pool for a new water park development in Mexico.

wave pool

We completed our last wave machine installation in Korea in 2013 and are very much looking forward to working with the team at Lotte World on this project.

Update on existing projects

Fraser remains onsite at the new Tychy Waterpark development to oversee the installation of the 8M Stingray.

TYCHY installation 1

For general Waterpark use, the Stingray can function at a low power setting for a thrilling body boarding experience. However, for experienced riders or competitions, the power setting can be increased… using our specially designed skim boards, riders can stand up and carve high onto the curved side walls of the ride!

Stingray Qatar

This week, Neil travelled to Malaysia to begin the installation of the Point Break Olympic Surf system at the Dolphin Quest Resort. The new reef  design will create world record breaking waves of up to 4M high!


surf wave machine

Other news

Before heading off on a well-earned holiday, Snowy is heading to Spain to carry out repair and recommissioning works at the Mario Park Resort, Almeria.

After the replacement fan blower for the Breaker wave pool has been installed, Snowy will recommission the wave heights and multi wave patterns to the original time settings and maximum performance levels.

We completed the original Breaker Wave Machine installation at the Mario Park resort almost 20 years ago and we are delighted to assist the team with these works.