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The latest news at Murphy’s Waves!


Andy one of our Engineers is currently in Qatar, installing our Stingray, Typhoon River and a 16m Breaker Wave Pool. Which we are happy to say is coming along nicely. Andy will be returning back to perform a commission.


Neil our Senior Engineer is currently over in North America in various states, Delivering some of our bespoke services in prestigious parks like Legoland Waterpark, Florida.


Fraser another one of our Engineers is currently installing an 11m Breaker Wave Pool, in the new Waterpark in Coventry “The Wave”. We are excited here seeing new Waterparks coming to the UK.


Last but not least, We are happy to announce that Murphy’s Waves will be bringing a 30m Breaker Wave Pool to Gumbuya World in Australia! With initial designs underway the team are excited to see this project come to life.