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Award Winning, Innovative and Unique


Our award winning mobile Surf Air has been developed over a two year period using our 3 stage R&D program.

The extremely durable inflatable drop stitch ride surface has multiple air pockets which prevent the ride from deflating. As an added safety feature, the entire ride structure is fitted with an air leak warning system and auto shut down. This is an innovation that is not used on any other type of inflatable attraction.

Unlike regular bouncy castles or inflatable water slides that are manufactured from standard inflatable PVC (Making these attractions susceptible to high winds and must be anchored to the ground), the 50m3 of water contained in the Surf Air acts a ballast to ensure the ride remains firmly rooted to the ground.. even in 70mph wind!

Award winning surf Air


The entire focus of the company’s research and development process was to product a ride that had uncompromising safety features, fantastic ride performance and excellent product integrity.

Surf Air Permanent


Hot on the heels of the successful and Award Winning Mobile Surf Air, Murphy’s Waves are excited to announce the launch of the new Surf Air permanent!

The ride requires only minimal construction and is available at an AMAZING low price making it the perfect surf attraction for water parks, campsites and indoor venues.

Surf air permanent wave machine


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