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Award Winning Wave Machines!


Our team have recently returned from the 36th Annual WWA show in New Orleans. It was a great trip for the team who made lots of new contacts and met some old friends too!

This was a very exciting show for Murphy’s Waves… We were delighted to accept the Leading Edge Award for the development of our SurfAir attraction.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Xishuang Banna Wanda Waterpark and Beachbend bowling green. Both of whom were also awarded the Leading Edge Award at this year’s show.

Xishuang Banna won this for a 40M Breaker and 5M Typhoon River wave machines. Beachbend bowling green were awarded this for a 24M Breaker wave machine.

Murphy’s waves were the designers and manufactures of these products. We are delighted to have supplied Xishuang Banna Wanda Waterpark and Beachbend bowling green with award winning attractions!

What is the Leading Edge Award?


The leading edge award is Awarded to individuals or parks for creativity in the development of new themes, facilities, programs, services or operational concepts in the water attractions industry; and to suppliers who have developed new concepts, products or services to the benefit of park members, their customers and the water attractions industry.


What makes the SurfAir Award winning?


The Surf-Air is the world’s first ever inflatable and fully mobile surfing ride. The ride requires no construction and can be fully inflated and made fully operational in only a few short hours, making it a mobile attraction that can be located just about anywhere, including water parks, campsites, shopping malls, town squares or even in your own home! Our package includes the entire ride, housing container for easy transportation, pumps and filtration system…all you need to do is add water and have a power source or generator available.